LUCKYNELLY - The Berlin fashion brand

The Berlin fashion brand LUCKYNELLY provides stylish and luxurious handbags and other accessories made of innovative, vegan and non-violent materials as an alternative to leather products.
The founder and designer, Christine Rochlitz, is based in Berlin since 2012 with her brand. After her successful completion of studies with diploma at the College of Art and Design in Bielefeld and several years of work experience as a fashion designer for Kids Collections she wanted to create her own fashion designs.
For the vegan collections are used absolutely unique materials such as real sewable slate stone, genuine sewable wood, flexible ceramic and other unusual eco and animal friendly “fabrics” and the accessories are manufactured in Berlin – Milan.
LUCKYNELLY does not support the use of animals for fashion and shows that innovative alternatives to (exotic) animal leather are very chic, stylish and exclusive.
The name of the label was created because of the deep love and respect to her canine Lucky and her dog Nelly which were also the muses for the decision to work only with animal- friendly materials.
“I love to work with cork fabric that is very similar to animal leather but it is the skin of a tree and even a renewable resource from Europe.
As I noticed, that cork was not so unique anymore and so many designers were also using it for their collections I started to search for „other“ real flexible wood. After a long time and ordering many flexible wood sheets from different companies around the world, because most of them break very easily, finally I found the best real flexible and sewable wood and stone for the luxurious women and men accessories.”
With the vegan belt made of sewn wood LUCKYNELLY won the "PETA Vegan Fashion Award" for the category best belt for women in 2014.
Since vegan fashion has become more popular, even the British Vogue shows a designer profile of LUCKYNELLY in February and March 2016 edition of its magazine and in the vegan fashion and lifestyle magazine "Noveaux" is presented a cork clutch from the current collection.
The philosophy of the brand is to care more about animals and our planet.
„We would like to encourage more people to choose fashion for that no animal had to suffer because they are mostly kept and bred in terrible conditions and murdered."
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